These are the basic rules and guidelines you'll need to follow to place an order for a layout. For layout prices, please check the examples page.

1.) Pick what kind of layout you want. If you want to order more than one layout, you will need to fill out the order form once for every layout you want. For example, if you want to order three layouts, then you will need to fill out the form three times.

2.) You must provide me with the pictures you want me to use on your layout. If the pictures are on your computer, imageshack.us is an excellent place to upload them. High-resolution images are preferred, but not required.

3.) Don't worry if you don't know much HTML. I code every layout I sell, and if you ever have questions on how to navigate through the coding on your layout, please don't hesitate to ask me for help.

4.) Please be patient! During the summer, I can usually have your layout to you in a day's time, but during the semester, it might take up to a week for me to finish your layout. But note that even though I'll be busier, I still promise to make you the best layout I can. :)

5.) Pay me after I finish your layout. I will e-mail you a watermarked screencap of the finished layout, and if you approve of it, you may then pay me, and upon receiving payment, I'll e-mail you your finished layout.

6.) All payments are final and are to be made through paypal.com-- no exceptions.

7.) When you put up your layout, you must include a link back to joya-designs.net.

8.) All graphics and layouts from and on this site are © 2006-2011 Joya at Joya-Designs.net, unless otherwise noted.

*** The above rules pertain to layout orders for non-profit sites/fansites. If you wish to order a layout for a professional/business website, please e-mail me at joya05@gmail.com, as I handle such layouts on a case-by-case basis.