Once you have decided which layout you want (check out the examples page for options and prices), please place your order by filling out this form. Once you've sent off your order, it should appear on the waitlist in a day or two, at which point I will e-mail you to confirm that I've received your order.

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*1 Pictures: These are links to the pictures you want me to use on your layout. Please use commas to separate URLs.

*2 Desired Dimensions: This only applies to headers. If you don't care or this doesn't apply to your layout, type "n/a" in this field.

*3 Extra Preferences: Use this field to tell me any color preferences or extra stuff you want me to keep in mind while making your layout. Be as specific as you want here. :)

*4 Rush Order: If you want your layout finished by a deadline, or if you see that the waitlist is quite long, you can add $3.00 (USD) to your order to have it pushed up to the top of the queue, making it my first priority to finish your layout.