These are the frequently asked questions, which are exactly what you think they are! Before you ask a question, check the text below because someone else might've already asked the same question you have.

Do I get the PSD file for my layout, too?
Sorry, but I never give out my PSD files. You're paying for a layout, not all the separate layers, textures, etc. that I use in that layout. If you have all the pieces, what's to stop you from using them to make another layout for yourself using everything I've gathered and/or created? This policy is non-negotiable.

What if I don't like the layout you make me?
It happens, and you're more than welcome to tell me you don't like what I have made. I will even re-make your layout completely, but only to a certain extent. If you have me make several different layouts for you and you keep changing your mind about how it should look/what pictures I should use, then I might charge you a few dollars extra (but if that happens, I'll let you know/warn you).

Can I make any alterations to the graphic/layout you make me?
No. If you really want something changed, please ask me to change it.

Do I have to keep your copyright notice at the bottom of my layout?
Yes. You did pay for the layout, but you didn't make it, so unless you have that copyright notice at the bottom, no one will know that. You are, however, welcome to edit the copyright notice to include a statement clarifying that the layout/design of your site belongs to Joya-Designs.net, but the content belongs to you.

Still have a question? Feel free ask me in an e-mail.