DEC 29, 2006: Thank you so much to all my customers for the continuous support! I'm so pleased with how everything is going, and I hope everyone else is, too. Anyway, as you can see on the sidebar, I've added a portfolio section. You may browse this section to see some of my past graphics creations.

DEC 28, 2006: I've just finished some more graphics for Miranda-Cosgrove.net and also made a new layout for MichaelWeatherlyFans.com.

DEC 23, 2006: I made a header for Adrienne's Media Center.

DEC 18, 2006: I've made yet another layout for Adrienne, and just finished a new layout for Broken-Faith.net, which is my personal domain.

DEC 14, 2006: I just finished a header for Adrienne. :)

DEC 09, 2006: I've just finished a new layout for David, owner of the brand new Miranda-Cosgrove.net!

NOV 23, 2006: I've just finished layouts for Mandy and Adrienne. :)

NOV 21, 2006: Sorry for the slight delay in orders from last week. I had my midterms, but now they're over, so things should be running a lot more smoothly for now. Thanks for your patience!

NOV 15, 2006: I've just finished yet another header for Jane! :)

OCT 30, 2006: I just finished a header for Kate's fanworks journal, and I've also been hired on for a couple of professional website jobs. Thank you so much to everyone who has been supporting me! I really appreciate it. ♥

OCT 09, 2006: Happy October! I've just finished a header for Jane, who is a second-time customer! Thank you! :)

SEPT 10, 2006: I've just finished a layout for the Libba Bray fanlisting and a complex layout for Pedja-Bjelac.com, run by Mandy. I've also updated the examples page with a professional/business layouts section.

SEPT. 07, 2006: As you can see below this news entry, I've created an archive for old news. This way, the main page won't scroll forever with old news, but I won't lose old updates either. I'll archive news at the end of every month.

Since my last update, I've created layouts for Jane, Jessie, Anna, Allison, and Cindy. To see them, just click on their names. Thanks to everyone who has been ordering from me and supporting the site! :)

AUG. 26, 2006: I've made a small update on the guidelines page. Classes begin again on Monday, so rule #4 (the one I changed) simply says that it might take a while (up to a week) for me to finish a layout for you. :)

AUG. 25, 2006: Business is going well, so thanks to everyone who has been ordering and pimping. And please take note that the prices have increased just a tiny bit. People who have already ordered, don't worry, you'll still be paying the old prices. ;)

AUG. 16, 2006: One whole week of business! I've had five orders so far, and since a couple of them are up already, I thought I'd show them off. Saadia was my first order and she asked me to code a layout for her, and now her site is up and running. If you're a James Franco fan, visit her site, Finding Franco. Erika also ordered a header for her LiveJournal, so click here to check that out. Thanks again to everyone supporting me!

AUG. 11, 2006: It's been two days since I launched this site, and I've already received two orders! Thanks to everyone supporting me! :D

AUG. 09, 2006: The site is officially open! If you're in need of a layout for your site, take a look at what I have to offer and order one today!

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