NOV 12, 2007: I've just finished a Complex Website layout for Spirits Inc, a Supernatural-themed LiveJournal community.

OCT 22, 2007: Two more LiveJournal layouts finished: Julie and Draven.

OCT 02, 2007: I've finished two more LiveJournal layouts: Kalena and Jen.

SEP 13, 2007: Just finished two new layouts for April and Mia.

AUG 22, 2007: Just finished making a layout for Elle's brand new fan fiction archive. She's a very talented writer. :)

AUG 19, 2007: I've just finished a layout for Mandy, who has built a fansite for her actor friend. Also, please note that all prices have been bumped up $2.00 (USD), though this price change will not affect any orders currently being processed.

AUG 18, 2007: I just finished a layout for Jess. I've also added three more examples to my portfolio page, so check those out. Thanks for the continuing support and orders!

AUG 17, 2007: I'm back from my road trip and orders are open again. I've just finished a layout for Max. Also, please note on the sidebar that an FAQ section has been added. Hope it's helpful!

JUL 08, 2007: I just finished a header for Supernatural-Central.com. I've also grouped the news archives into sections (by year), which should make it a little easier to view the clients/history of this site.

JUL 01, 2007: Sorry about the giant gap between updates. I usually don't link my finished orders until the client has put up the layout. Anyway, I've filled orders for BlackMovesFirst.com, Danielle, and Operation: Winchester (this site's cause is really great, so I encourage everyone to check it out). The Padalecki Project is also running for the second year in a row, so check that out as well!

APR 27, 2007: Just finished a layout for Double Dare, the fanlisting for Stephenie Meyer's New Moon. If you're a fan, go join!

APR 21, 2007: I've finished another new header for Julie, and a complex layout for Joice at Toxic-Material.net.

APR 09, 2007: I've finished new headers for Shabana and Julie, as well as a new header for my own LiveJournal.

MAR 15, 2007: I just finished a new layout for Bonnie-Fan.com.

MAR 11, 2007: Check out The Kripke Kit if you want to help wish Eric Kripke, creator of the CW's hit series, Supernatural, a happy 33rd birthday this year. Also check out Supernatural South and Susy's LiveJournal, my two latest orders.

MAR 06, 2007: Are you a Supernatural fan and 26 years old or older? Then check out Supernatural Fans 26 & Up, the perfect hang-out for you (and also the latest order I've filled)!

MAR 01, 2007: I've created a new layout for my own LiveJournal, as well as two headers for returning customer David.

FEB 23, 2007: I've finished a layout for MusicSteph.net and a header for Jinni. Check 'em out!

FEB 08, 2007: Any Jensen Ackles fans out there? I just finished the layout for The Jensen Ackles Birthday Project. Check it out and see how you can make his birthday extra special this year. :)

JAN 31, 2007: I've finished a Jensen Ackles-themed LiveJournal layout for Jo.

JAN 13, 2007: I just finished a layout for Predrag-Bjelac.com. Check it out!

JAN 06, 2007: Hope everyone is having a lovely new year. Please check out the new headers I've made for Shabana and David.

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