DEC 26, 2008: Completed a complex layout for Alana-Blanchard.net.

OCT 31, 2008: Completed two headers for Julie.

SEP 22, 2008: Completed a custom LiveJournal-friendly layout for Supernatural_TV (works with all browsers).

SEP 15, 2008: Completed a professional/business layout for the Somali Youth Helpline.

SEP 07, 2008: Finished a header for Julie.

AUG 15, 2008: Just finished a new layout for Double Dare, a fanlisting for fans of New Moon by Stephenie Meyer.

JUL 18, 2008: Just finished a professional/business order for S.C.'s cleaning business.

JUL 11, 2008: Just finished coding up a complex layout for Jane.

JUN 27, 2008: Just finished a header for Julie and a complex Doctor Who (3x10, "Blink") layout for Jen's LiveJournal.

JUN 09, 2008: I've completed 10 forum signatures for The Diesel Asylum. I know forum signatures aren't anywhere on this site, but if you ever want a graphic besides a layout, feel free to e-mail me and ask whether or not I can do it for you. :)

JUN 04, 2008: Just finished a complex layout for Gretchen's site, Max-Slade.com.

MAY 29, 2008: Final exams are over, so I'm back from my hiatus and ready to take more orders. :) It should also be noted that I have added three more examples to my portfolio and the archives are much more organized now.

FEB 23, 2008: I made two headers for Julie's LiveJournal.

JAN 24, 2008: Two more complex layouts have been completed. Please visit Gretchen at BethanyAndAlana.com and Erika at SupernaturalUnderground.com.

JAN 22, 2008: Just finished a header for Sarah and a complex layout for Mandy of Predrag-Bjelac.com.

JAN 09, 2008: Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season. Orders are open once again. Also, I just finished making a new header for Jamie.

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